Pre-ipo investment opportunity

Silver Crown Royalties (SCR or Silver Crown), a unique investment opportunity in the alternative mining finance sector. We are focused on generating consistent and growing income sources through our expanding portfolio of mining royalty interests.

SCR is looking all over the world for projects that have silver as a byproduct. We aim to monetize the silver value of those operations for both our partners and shareholders.

Key investor highlights include:

  • Minimizing Risk:
    • Silver provides a natural hedge against inflation.  When the value of government issued currencies decline, the price of precious metals usually increases in lockstep, preserving purchasing power and most importantly the wealth of our shareholders.
    • Economically efficient.  The silver we invest in is typically a byproduct of metal mining, it has no discernible mining cost or environmental impact.
    • Diversifying risk to shareholders and company.  SCR deploying capital on wide range of smaller royalty investments, target no more than 10% of capital dedicated to any one project.
  • Cash Flowing: 
    • Acquired cash-flowing royalty and has a definitive agreement in place to acquire an addition cash-flowing royalty.
  • Public listing:
    • Listing planned on TSX Venture Exchange for first half of 2024.
  • Opportunity: 
    • A silver only investment opportunity, acquiring the cash equivalent of a fixed amount of silver delivered from mining operations.

Our experienced management team, and high targeted return on investment, make SCR a compelling opportunity for both income and growth investors. If you’re interested in a stable source of income coupled with wealth preservation, we invite you to visit for more information.  

Silver Crown Royalties
Equity Raise Information:

TYPE OF RAISE:  Pre-IPO equity raise
DESCRIPTION: Toronto based world-wide silver only royalty company
GO PUBLIC DETAILS: Targeted listing on TSX Venture Exchange for H1 2024 listing
RAISE AMOUNT: C$6 – 11 million at C$0.40 per unit
RAISE TO-DATE: C$1.5 million at C$0.40 per unit

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